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Piercing Services

At Art Wells Body Art, we turn piercing into a luxury experience thanks to world-class piercers, an individualized approach, and unparalleled standards for health and safety.

The Piercing Experience

We pride ourselves on working with each client to deliver a personalized piercing experience. Your appointment starts with our stylists, who will talk through your vision and offer advice and suggestions, whether you are starting your Curated Ear journey or adding to an existing curation. From there, our piercers determine the precise location and angle for your new piece based on your ear’s anatomy. This spot is marked with a pen. After antiseptic preparation of the skin, our piercers execute their craft as gently as possible. Once the needle is in position, we ask you to take a few deep, relaxing breaths, ensuring you are comfortable. The piercing process and installation are quick, and we are confident you will leave excited about your new look.


Placement and Angles

Our piercers base their work on each client's specific anatomy, considering the location of the jewelry and the angle at which it will hang. Piercers also take into consideration existing placements, making sure that new and old piercings work harmoniously and are spaced appropriately and beautifully.


Forward-Facing Piercing

Piercings are performed with a forward-facing technique. Piercers will consult with you during the experience, showing you proposed placements by marking with the pen and allowing you to provide feedback. Our team is focused on precise needlework that ensures your jewelry sits at the optimal angle when viewed straight on.


How We Pierce

All of our piercings are performed with sterile, single-use needles instead of a piercing gun. Needles open a small space in the ear tissue, a method that limits swelling and scarring in the surrounding area. Because needles are so precise, they help us execute complicated placements like a Daith that cannot be done with a bulky gun. Needles also allow us to use different types of jewelry in your piercing, rather than limiting it to studs. In all, they provide a gentler, more artful piercing experience.


Safety Comes First

When it comes to getting pierced or having jewelry installed, your health and safety are our top priority. Before your appointment, all pieces and tools are sterilized in a Statim autoclave, and every surface in the piercing room is disinfected. Your piercer will wear a mask and apron, and change out gloves during the appointment. After, your piercer will review thorough aftercare instructions. Taking proper care of your piercing is essential so that it heals properly before you begin experimenting with different jewelry.